In order to overcome barriers to marketing planning in Southern Italy, we are trying to increase our product’s visibility.

Firstly, we have decided to enhance communication, not only as a promotional and marketing tool, but also as a means to express our core vision and the values of the territory we represents.

We have realized it would be important to get the young generations involved in the development of a communication strategy focused on innovation and the use of modern communication technologies, as well as on marketing strategies.

We have designed a new web portal, which includes an ad-hoc communication section over which we advertise DOP Lametia extra virgin olive oil and post the most updated regulations and news on high-quality extra virgin olive oil in general.

We have restyled our brochure (click here to download our brochure pdfdepliant-extravirgin-oil-lametia-dop-consortium):


 New depliant Lametia Dop