Several generations of family olive-growing experience have contributed to the cultivation of single-variety orchards extending to 60 ha (148 ac) along Maida’s hillsides. Olives belonging to the Carolea variety are cold-pressed within three hours of harvesting at the in-house, automatic continuous-cycle mill with open malaxing vats to obtain a high-quality, biological extra virgin olive oil.

In order to keep abreast of the times, the farm has introduced regular innovations, including the decision to convert to organic farming. Hence, the production of organic oil with unvaried quality properties has been evaluated.

In the 2012 oil campaign, the DOP Lametia organic extra virgin olive oil was certified. The organic extra virgin olive oil obtained from the Costantino organic orchards is processed and bottled in-house, combining passion and expertise into a 100% Italian product.

Based on the idea that living in the countryside can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, the Costantino family has decided to share their house with all those who love nature and are willing to taste Calabrian traditional, healthy food with a modern twist.

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Trade name: Olio extravergine d'oliva biologico Costantino, Olio extravergine d'oliva biologico

Costantino "Lametia DOP"

Address: localita' donnantonio - 88025 Maida (CZ)

Production area: DOP Lametia


Facebook: Agriturismo Costantino

twitter: agriturismo costantino

phone: +39 0968 754332

fax : +39 0968 754332

mobile : +39 339 1841463

Production manager: Mrs. Mariangela Costantino

Marketing manager: Mrs. Mariangela Costantino

Production area: 60 ha (148.3 ac), 100% Carolea cultivar

certification: DOP Lametia, Suolo e Salute-certified (for organic farming)

packaging: 0.10-0.25-0.5-0.75 l bottles; 5 l tin cans

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive grower, mill owner, bottler


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Small family-owned farm located in a hilly area, about 450 meters high with solar exposure to the southeast. The harvest of olives made with mechanical shredder and milling on the same day, takes place in mid-November according to specification.

Land cultivation identifies with the family history through the various generations, where its fruits were one of the main sources of livelihood. With the production of high quality oil, you want to pass on an ancient family tradition and a sign of belonging to this territory.


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Trade Name :

Address : Località Oppolese , Sambiase di Lamezia Terme (CZ)

Production Area : Lametia Dop

www :

mail :   

phone : +39 0968 433728

fax : 

mobile : +39 338 7994071

Production manager : Fiorina Rocca

Marketing manager : Fiorina Rocca

Production area : superficie 1,5 ha con 100 % Carolea

Certification : Lamedia Dop

Packaging : 

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive-grower.

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Earth of cork oaks, mulberries and fig trees, in the years '80 have been recovered and his 10 hectars mainly reconverted to olive and orange trees.

Today it is an enterprise careful to the social, to the environment, to the biodiversity and to a constructive synergies with the other local realities. To the center of Calabria, in the narrowest point in Italy, between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian, Livadia allows to reach the places of more interest known of the Region as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Pizzo Calabro, Sila and the ionic coast.

From the cultivar of oil more diffused in all the Plain of Lamezia Terme, Carolea, our certified virgin extra oil of olive is born biological and Dop Lametia. The firm follows with scrupulous attention all the phases of the productive supply chain with the purpose to get qualitatively an elevated product. Techniques give of cultivation that guarantee the quality 100% biological checked and certified, to the following passages as many fundamental so that the fruit maintains intact its organoleptic qualities. In October we choose and we pick up the olives that are immediately transporting in the oil mill where they are grinded meticulously and with cold extraction. The favorable combination of such factors permit that "Oilì" is an oil with qualitative and chemical-physicist profile recognized and certified DOP Lametia.


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Trade Name :

Address : Contrada Livadia, 88040, Gizzeria (CZ)

Production Area : Lametia Dop

www :

mail :   

phone : +39 0968 466415

mobile : +39 329 3321720

Production manager : Clelia Iemma

Marketing manager : Clelia Iemma

Production area : 4 ha with 90 % Carolea and 10% Nocellara Messinese

Certification : Lamedia Dop | Biologic

Packaging : manual

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive-grower and bottler.

The farm has a long family history. Originally it belonged to the Bevilacqua family, a prominent family from Curinga, where the historic mansion still stands.


They had possessed since the 18th century large estates around the municipalities of Maida, S. Pietro a Maida and Curinga.

Over time and following various division agreements and successions, the farm is currently the property of the Taccone di Sitizano family that runs it together with other olive-growing lands in the province of Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria.

The farm extends over an area of 110 ha (292 ac) cultivated with Carolea cultivar in the Calabrian typical olive-growing area including the municipalities of Maida, S. Pietro a Maida and Curinga, and also 40 ha (99 ac) of citrus orchards in the municipality of Lamezia Terme.



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Address: C.da Ciceri - 88022 - Curinga (CZ)

Production area: DOP Lametia


phone: +39 0966 59211

fax: +39 0966 59211

mobile: +39 335 6372212

Production manager: Pierluigi Taccone

Marketing manager: Pietro Taccone

Production area: 110 ha (292 ac), of which 90% Carolea cultivar, 1% Coratina cultivar

certification: DOP Lametia

packaging: 0.25-0.5-0.75 l bottles; 5 l tin cans

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive-grower


podere dippolito logoOriginally set up by great-grandfather Gabriele in the mid-19th century; passed down to later generations, it is currently a women-owned business. The farm extends over about 60 ha (148 ac) in the Nicastro district. Even though olive growing is the farm’s leading activity, they own also a 5 ha (12.5 ac) citrus grove. They apply integrated cultivation methods, which consists in a limited use of pesticides and fertilizers in order to reduce health and environmental risks. The olive orchards include almost 8,000 plants (belonging mostly to the Carolea variety with a small fraction represented by the Frantoio cultivar). Most high-density plants are centuries-old and have been interspersed with rows of younger trees.

Olives are shaker-harvested. Both nets and olives are carried to the mill in drilled cases or bins in order to preserve the juicy drupes.

Olives are cold-pressed within 24 hours of harvesting at the in-house, automatic continuous-cycle mill.

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Trade name: Poderosa – D.O.P. Lametia

Address: Via degli Itali 81 - Lamezia Terme (CZ)

Production area: D.O.P. Lametia



fb: Podere D'Ippolito

phone : +39 0968 462513

fax : +39 0968 462513

mobile : +39 335 6431906

Production Manager : P.A. Salvatore Vescio

Marketing Manager : Dott. Maria Cristina Di Giovanni

Production area: 40 ha (99.0 ac), 90% Carolea and 10% Frantoio cultivar; mechanical harvesting with shakers and nets; automatic, continuous cycle extraction

altitudine : 100/150 m above sea level

oil features: acidity 0.2-0.4; colour: green – yellow; aroma: delicately fruity - sweet

best served as raw salad dressing, but it can also be used for cooking

certification : Lametia Dop

packaging : manual

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive grower, mill owner, bottler.

azienda-agricola-de-lorenzo-coIn 1974, the original Società Agricola Calabrese that had been run by Prof. Giuseppe De Lorenzo since 1951 was renamed Azienda Agricola De Lorenzo & C. It extends over an area of more than 92 ha  (227.5 ac) in the olive-producing areas of the Lamezia Terme Valley belonging to the DOP “LAMETIA” designated area.

The soil conditions and the climate make the area an actual ‘olive country,' with particular regard to the Carolea cultivar.

Harvesting begins in October, and it is carried out mechanically or manually. Olives are soon pressed in the in-house advanced mill in order to preserve their peculiarities. The result is a cold-pressed, low-acidity extra virgin olive oil that distinguishes with a smell of freshly-mown grass and taste with very-well balanced pungency and bitterness.

The farm is conveniently located, only 2 km from the exit of the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria Highway, not far from the Lamezia Terme railway station and international airport.

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Trade name: I Tesori del Sole – “Livara” D.O.P. Lametia

Address: C.da Feudo - Lamezia Terme (CZ)

Production area: DOP Lametia



phone: +39 0968 51065

fax: +39 0968 418743

mobile: +39 340 8625962

Production manager: Mr. Antonio Filippone

Marketing Manager: Ms. Tiziana Filippone

Production area: 92 ha (227.7 ac), of which 99% Carolea cultivar, 1% Coratina cultivar

certification: DOP Lametia

packaging: 0.25-0.5-0.75 l bottles; 5 l tin cans

classified among the Consortium’s members as olive grower, mill owner, bottler