Olio Lametia Dop : "l'Olio raccontato ai bambini"

Lametia PDO Oil , “oil told by children“ on the 17th december it was the presentation of the project video with the little tasters.

New project with little tasters.

Lamezia terme, with the project “oil told by children” Calabria is the pioneer of a new way to communicate the quality of extra virgin olive oil and also the conscious consumption. To have promoted the quality of lametino extra virgin olive oil, were directly the children through an experimental video.

Lametia PDO olive oil in the Premium List of the contest Ercole Olivario 2015.

Lametia PDO olive oil in the Premium List of the contest Ercole Olivario 2015.

Rewarded Farm De Lorenzo & C. extra virgin olive oil Lametia Dop.

"Tesori del Sole" Lametia PDO is the extra virgin olive oil produced by De Lorenzo & C. Agricultural Company and has been declared as the finalist in the "Ercole Olivario Premium List 2015", a contest where all the excellence italian oils are grouped. It will be held on March 20 in Perugia.

"Olio Capitale 2015" oil pdo lametia.

Olive oil Lametia PDO (protected designation of origin) at the event "Olio Capitale 2015".

The event will take place in Trieste from March 7 to 10 with the exhibition dedicated to the extra virgin olive oil.

The statistics speak for themselves: 2014 will be remembered as the black year for the Italian olive oil. Due to the unfavorable climate and oil fly the production of oil stood below the 300 thousand tons and has dropped by 37% compared to 2013, with peaks of 45% in the "excellence" regions such as Umbria and Tuscany.

Italy is a leader in quality - oil pdo lametia

“Five Stars” Italian extra virgin olive oil: Patented for its high quality in health aspects and sensory profiles.

A competitive olive culture: Between research and innovation.

The primacy is due to the typical Italian wide variety of olives and by the advanced and extensive organization of the processing platforms allows a production of a higher quality products compared to the rest of the world.