Lametia PDO olive oil in the Premium List of the contest Ercole Olivario 2015.

Lametia PDO olive oil in the Premium List of the contest Ercole Olivario 2015.

Rewarded Farm De Lorenzo & C. extra virgin olive oil Lametia Dop.

"Tesori del Sole" Lametia PDO is the extra virgin olive oil produced by De Lorenzo & C. Agricultural Company and has been declared as the finalist in the "Ercole Olivario Premium List 2015", a contest where all the excellence italian oils are grouped. It will be held on March 20 in Perugia.

The increasing interest of more and more people in excellence quality of the product brought Ercole Olivario to celebrate this excellencies aiming to highlight the extraordinary and rich species of the national olives.

The 2015 has been a really hard year for the chambers of commerce system and for the colture of olives in Italy.

Great opportunities but also great problems that the associations of the sector have faced with a definition of an immediate strategy to support the agricultural companies, valorazing their production to ensure them a dynamic and a just in time resolution of the problems that have occured.

The chamber of commerce, to be close to the businesses and enhace the work of the companies, prepared a new proposal with the support and participation of the national Unione Camere.

Giorgio Mencaroni, President of the coordination comitee of the contest and of the Chamber of Commerce of Perugia says, "Ercole Olivario 2015, special edition is a great project that reminds us of the opportunities offered us by the Expo, the drastic reduction of production, but also all the financial resources that the chambers will make available due to the major institutional changes occured this year. A special edition tha obtained the patronage of the Expo.

"Ercole Olivario 2015 - Special Edition" aims to select the best Italian Olive companies with an outstanding production history, as decided by the contest path. These companies will be included in the "Ercole Olivario Premium List 2015".