marchio-consorzio-tutela-lametia-dopThere is a strong relationship between the oils extracted from the olive groves in Sant'Eufemia Valley and local culture, which goes back to the time when it was used as an ointment to treat various conditions and also to preserve good physical appearance.

At present, its organoleptic properties – above all its low acidity level – and the high vitamin D and E content make the DOP “Lametia” extra virgin olive oil one of the best nationwide. The DOP “Lametia” extra virgin olive oil accounts for about 7% of the national PDO oil production. In 1999, the oil produced in the Lamezia Terme Valley was granted the protected designation of origin by the European Union.

The DOP label can be used only for oil coming from the olive-growing areas located in the province of Catanzaro, and among them, in particular from the municipalities of :

- Curinga
- Filadelfia
- Francavilla Angitola
- Lamezia Terme
- Maida
- San Pietro a Maida
- Gizzeria
- Feroleto Antico
- Pianopoli

In this region, the heritage of olive oil production is represented by the old indigenous Carolea olive variety, one of the leading cultivars in Calabria, with a share of at least 90% in the DOP “Lametia” extra virgin olive oil production (in line with the product specification).

Over 50% of the olive-growing Catanzaro region, equal to around 50,000 ha (30,056 ft) the whole Calabrian olive oil-producing area, is planted with the Carolea olive variety.(The DOP “Lametia” municipalities).


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