The Consortium’s corporate bodies are as follows:

General Assembly, President, Board of Directors, Board of Auditors.

General Assembly

The General Assembly comprises all the members and is the sovereign body of the Consortium. Only members who have no outstanding yearly membership fees can take part in the General Assembly.

Each member who has submitted a production report and/or certification has one vote and a number of votes based on the product quantity reported and/or certified in the preceding olive harvest campaign.

The General Assembly approves the annual account and the annual budget and appoints the Board of Directors and the Board of Auditors.



He is the legal representative of the Consortium. He is appointed by the Board of Directors. The current chair is Prof. De Lorenzo Francesco.

Board of Directors

It supervises the management of the business and affairs of the Consortium to assure the overall objectives of the organization are fulfilled. The current Board will hold office till March 2023. It includes:


President: Pierluigi Taccone

Vice President: Mariangela Costantino

Board member: Girolamo Filippone

Board member: Angelian D'Ippolito

Board member: Vincenzo Greco

Board of Auditors

President: Sebastiano Mazza

Board member: Caterina Ferraiolo

Board member: Clelia Iemma