controlli-qualita-olio-lametiaEC Council Regulation No. 510/2006 concerning the protection of geographical indications and designations of origin for agricultural products and foodstuffs sets forth that an agricultural product or foodstuff is eligible for a PDO or a PGI if it complies with the product specification (Art. 4); furthermore, it prescribes that compliance with the specification requirements is to be verified by competent authorities and/or control bodies (art. 10 and 11) accredited by the Member States.

Agroqualità certification body has published the guidelines governing the verification of compliance for The DOP Lametia extra virgin olive oil. Agroqualità carries out regular controls on the production site and the product, thereby ensuring its compliance with the DOP Lametia product specification.

The control commission and the Consortium also carry out verification and controls, which guarantees compliance of the whole DOP Lametia production process.

Overall, control and verification procedures include:

  • internal controls (self-control system): they include verification, registration, measurement and analyses, and are performed by olive growers, press owners, brokers and bottlers to ensure compliance with the control schedule and the verification guidelines as approved by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture and Forestry;

  • external controls (compliance check): they include checks of the relevant documents, on-site inspections and product tests, and are carried out by the certifying body.

The above control procedures ensure full compliance of both production processes and products.

Infringements include non-compliance with the specification, non-compliance with control duties by the designated authority, use of PDO references in the certification body’s name, and non-compliance with the primary control duties by the consortium.

It should be borne in mind that PDO product specifications often prescribe the use of traditional production methods and sets forth strict standards in order to guarantee consumers an excellent quality and traditional product obtained from indigenous raw materials.