strategie-consorzio-tutela-lametia-dopThe DOP “Lametia” extra virgin olive oil makes up for 7% of the national PDO extra-virgin olive oil production, and the Carolea olive variety is planted on over 50% of the olive-growing Catanzaro region, which accounts for 30% of the entire Calabrian olive oil-producing area.

As against those impressive figures, the farm size is tiny: about 47% of the farmers own less than 1 ha (0.5 ac).

The brilliant results of the exams performed by leading institutes and universities certify the high quality of our DOP “Lametia” extra virgin olive oil. Event the use of the old traditional methods is just as important. However, they are not enough to make our oil stand out among other Italian PDO products.

As a result, the oil has little visibility on the market and is still underpriced, both on the wholesale market and the retail market.

When De Lorenzo took office, he realized that the Consortium had to concentrate all efforts on improving communication, not only as a component of our promotional and marketing strategy, but also as a means to express our core vision and the values of the region we represent.

In his mind, a highly symbolic figure was to be identified to convey them. He found it in the oil drop.

<<An oil drop - De Lorenzo maintains – represents the intrinsic quality of our product, its taste and its conformity to the strict control and certification requirements. Moreover, the quality assurance criteria are impressed in the production processes, which do not mean much without the hard work of the people who get fruits and draw inspiration from the land they grow. Overall, an oil drop contains all that and even more. If you think about it, you can see it and find out for yourself. An oil drop can represent an idea, a project, and at the same time hope for the future.>>