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azienda-agricola-antonio-cristiano-logoOro di Don Vincenzo (Don Vincenzo’s gold) is the name we have chosen for our olive oil because it is for us as precious as gold, a gift donated by Mediterranean sunshine and our fertile lands that are located in the valley and along the hillsides of Calabria’s lush Tyrrhenian coast. It is an exquisite, very high-quality extra virgin olive oil designed for oil connoisseurs who look for the actual product of excellence deriving from an old tradition, but made with the most accurate and advanced technologies.

Olives and grapes have been grown in our land since ancient Greek time, but when in the Middle Ages the monks in the monasteries began to reclaim land, it became a true production. At that time, Angillito belonged to the Church. The remains of the XI-century, Norman abbey are still visible nearby.

The Cristianos purchased the land in the early XX century. Some physician-family members of different generations, , have decided to continue the family tradition, firmly convinced that the Mediterranean diet has significant nutritional benefits. So we are very proud of offering a DOP extra virgin olive oil that is a pleasure for your palatepreserve your health.


Brief outline


Trade name: Oro di Don Vincenzo

Address: Loc. Angillito – Lamezia Terme (CZ)

Production area: DOP Lametia

www: www.orodonvincenzo.com

e-mail: olio@orodonvincenzo.com



mobile: +39 339 8718014

Production manager: Antonio Cristiano

Marketing manager: Scarlett Vescovo

Production area: 32 ha(80 ac), 100% Carolea cultivar

certification: DOP Lametia

packaging: 0.25-0.5-0.75 l bottles; 3-5 l tin cans

Classified among the Consortium’s members as olive grower, mill owner, bottler