prodotto-olio-lametia-dopIn the valley, the giant tree branches sway in the wind stretching out their knotted hands to touch the sky: they tell how hard the work is, and remind of a far-away time frame.

The olive trees in the Calabrian Valley of Sant'Eufemia, also named Lamezia Valley, are the most remarkable and tangible evidence of habitat in which the combination of light, temperature and pedo-climatic features is the key to their optimal growth. Originating from Asia minor, they have adapted wonderfully to local climate and have produced juicy drupes since Magna Graecia time around the 8th century b.C.

Several century-old trees are enormous (they are also called ‘giant’) - some may reach 6-7 m in height - and are still used after they have provided superior-quality olives and oil for centuries.

Orchards extend from sea level up to 600-700 m even over steep hillsides that would otherwise have been abandoned.

There is a strong relationship between the DOP Lametia extra virgin olive oil extracted from those giant, knotted trees and local culture, which goes back to the time when it was used as an ointment to treat various conditions and also to preserve good physical appearance.